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On this page I want to educate you (for those who does not know) about one heavy foreign edition which has the simple and modest name "Metal Hammer" a little. It is the first magazine with which I have got acquainted in 1988. it was at that time very difficult to get something from Special Literatures for in the Soviet press of such direction of music simply did not exist and to bring something similar from abroad in general was considered as a feat. Therefore everything, that reached us was on sale only from hands at journal bootlegers or changed, and basically only sheets because magazines cost very much and very dearly. But all the same I managed to buy them sometimes and entirely, but understand somehow to pay back the expenses ruthlessly it was necessary to break off and too to sell not the necessary materials.



First number in Germany 84.               First number in Holland 86.                      First number in Poland 90.


With information was very strong has strained, such bullets which it was impossible to check up while it you will not read in cuts from the same magazines were at times dismissed. I by the way long could not believe in death Cliff'a Burton while itself have not seen a material in December number "Metal Hammer". So I was very much interested with this edition, and I began to try to collect numbers of this magazine if to brag that through my hands have passed all releases, since very first number on 1994.


Editors - in - chief Charly Rinne (on the right) and Andreas Furbach (at the left) 1984-89.


Has then came new time when the world has overflowed underground and other new-metal, and itself "Metal Hammer" has ceased to be the leader in this direction, the editor - in - chief was replaced, many known correspondents have left in "Rock Hard" and other editions, therefore I have ceased to collect numbers of this period. Even now, when numbers with 95-th for 98 year come across me, I essentially do not buy them. And in general this period to me was given very hardly. From Judas Priest has left Halford which began to throw here and there, tried to go in a leg in due course, whence arose him solo projects - Fight and TWO - it seems to me, that it is this only a craze. And when from this nothing it has turned out, this man has again returned in Heavy Metal. But we shall return to "Metal Hammer". Has came 1999, new editor - in – chief Robert Muller who has changed all policy of magazine has come. I again began to learn the favourite magazine which as in old kind 80 times began to print the old groups, necessary articles, almost have completely disappeared underground and other miserable shit, but also about new groups too did not overlook, because of what it became this journal again interesting to read.


 Manfred Eisenblatter


The magazine has conceived and German Jurgen Wigginghaus has realized, and first number has left in January, 1984. For all time of existence of magazine, numbers left in Germany, in 85-th already in England, and to 88- th in Holland, Italy, Spain, Greece, France, in 90-th already and in Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary, is farther in 2000 I has found out, that this magazine leaves already and in Israel, there was even an attempt to issue in Russia (in 89-th has left two numbers, but we as always have managed all to spoil). On my modest calculations has left 840 numbers. Earlier when I did not have computer, I wrote down all data to myself in notebook: what number, what country, what poster, the main publications (for itself). Well and, now having such opportunity, the idea was born, and why these materials to not share with you (if it, certainly, to someone interestingly) and that. We admit, it is necessary to the person to find out, in what number his favorite group - please was printed - come and look, rummage. But even coming on an official site of magazine, and in general in In Internet there is no similar information. Even the magazine does not publish early numbers as, for example, it does "Rock Hard".



The poster of the first festival Festival in Dortmund


I know still, that on one only release of magazine business has not stopped. Due to edition Germans had an opportunity to see festival which in a consequence annually began to be carried out in Germany, the name only varied. The very first has taken place September, 14, 1985 on which such monsters as Metallica have acted, Venom, Nazareth and rather young groups on that moment as Running Wild, Warlock, Savage Grace. This festival has visited 12 000 fans. And for five years' anniversary "Metal Hammer'a " in Dortmund already acted Ozzy Osbourne, Queensryche, Warlock and Doro, Scorpions, Gary Moore and Crimson Glory. This action occured April, 30, 1989, to people was 16 000 person.




Further it is even more interesting... In 1993 May Jurgen Wigginghaus has lost the right to issue in Germany the magazine. The matter is in 1987 that man has sold the edition to the Swiss concern which is letting out press such as "Poprocky", "Bravo" etc. And now in Switzerland have decided, that will do without him. Thus, in hands Wigginghaus'a there were only all others "Metal Hammer’a" (Holland, Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Poland, Hungary), except for German. But in June Jurgen has started in sale new German magazine "Hard and Heavy", being, apparently present "Hammer". The most ridiculous, that both magazines ("Metal Hammer’a” "Hard and Heavy") have absolutely identical breadboard models. In total has left 2 numbers. That wanted to tell it Jurgen Wigginghaus only it is necessary to guess, whether he in such a way wanted to laugh or express your unrespectable feelings or has simply gone on the most simple way.



№1 June 93                                          №2 July 93                                        Volumes of circulation

Sales volumes too grew, if in 84 year magazine was only 10 000 copies, and in 85-th - 20 000 with each year because of popularity of the edition it was necessary to increase circulation by 10 000 copies. That has resulted the edition in 1988 to a mark in 50 000 copies and to the most advanced and esteemed edition in Germany, other magazines departed on the second plan, and to 90-ìó to year the circulation has reached already to 100 000 mark.


The English edition of magazine in 1989.


The English edition of magazine in 1990.


The English edition of magazine in 1991.


German edition of magazine in 2000.


German edition of magazine in 1986.


Gotz Kuhnemund in 2002


German edition of magazine in 2005


But all good sometime comes to an end. 2000 has brought in many changes to a society. In Spain the trade mark, and structure of magazine varies. If, for example, earlier the German and English versions differed only language on which they were printed, now in Spain it absolutely other magazine, only the name identical. And in the English edition something began to be created not clear. Now the British edition was completely separated from the German edition, too have replaced a trade mark and even numbering. And if Germans have remained are true to a direction and stylistics of magazine Englishmen have deformed magazine up to unrecognizability, their magazine is something became similar to English "Kerrang", the difference only in that that "Kerrang" - the weekly edition (as ours TV Guide) and "Metal Hammer" leaves on former once a month, only to read this journal became completely not interesting.

Unfortunately to capture all I, certainly, can not for the clear reasons. All to collect simply it is not possible, for this purpose even it is necessary to live in one of the countries where it(he) is issued. Even many covers which already were at me, were on sale fans (right at the beginning) or were simply plaintively elicited at me kneeling. So if at someone is information which at me is not present or simply I do not know - I shall be especially grateful.




Well and what you further ask? My plans are modest, when I shall finish this material entirely I shall make the same page about one more German magazine "Rock Hard". this magazine, certainly, not "Metal Hammer" and numbers already issued only 220 though, the truth, more recently this magazine began to issue in France and Spain. But under the German edition I have information, since very first number.

Jurgen Wigginghaus with Johnny Zazula in Dortmund 1989


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